Welcome to Trizilla

Owning a Successful Business will be a dream least embarked for many owing to the challenges and risks the journey might bring along or a goal seldom fulfilled for some who dared on to venture. It may primarily be because of an unscalable Business Model which fetches no profit complimented by the Lack of Operational Expenditures which might cause a big whole in the pocket. Considering these impending threats, Entrepreneurship is a path less traversed for many though they aspire to.

Trizilla Franchise is a Franchise based Business Firm, that is set up with a vision to proffer every aspiring Entrepreneur with the right opportunity to build a Successful Business of his/her own. With its many Business Models that are carefully designed to generate consistent profits with Minimum Investments, Trizilla Franchise aims to provide the Endless Business opportunity to every aspiring Entrepreneur unlike elsewhere.

Empowered by its deep-roots in Real Estate and Food Industry, Trizilla Franchise has embarked on its new Journey under the tutelage of three Pronounced Owners who are Masters in the domain. Headquartered in Chennai, Trizilla Franchise is currently Functioning all over PAN India and is soon set to find its foothold amidst the International Masses. We’re on the lookout for Passionate and Zestful Entrepreneurs to join us as Franchisees If you’re one, Join us on the journey ahead!

Talented peoples behind Trizilla




Mr. JAFAR, the Chairman leads the Board of Directors at Trizilla Franchise. A Serial Entrepreneur, he has partnered with two of the most successful companies in India - Sri Vekateshwara Agencies, and one of the Top-Tier Franchise Companies, respectively. A phenomenal in Franchising, He steered one of the Premier Franchise Company’s in India to great heights shortly after he started his career there as a Senior Sales Manager and he very soon took rapid strides to emerge as one of its Partner and it was that successful run that inspired him to set on a journey with Trizilla Franchise. Apart from his Profound experience as an Entrepreneur, he also relished a successful career for over a Decade, heading and monitoring a number of teams in multiple domains across all over the State, comprising of Auditing, Collection, Customer Service, Legal Department and Sales in various MNC’s and Franchise Companies. Having Pursued Bachelors in Business Administration, he's well-versed in 6 Languages and owns sound Business Knowledge added on with his exemplary Management skills.



Managing Director

Mr. YUNUS BASHA, Enriched by his wide experience and expertise in Marketing, Sales and Franchising for about a Decade, Mr. Yunus Basha sits atop as Managing Director of Trizilla Franchise and shares the dais with the other Board Members of the Company. Phenomenal Expertise , Having Lead and Managed various Teams pertaining to Marketing and Sales in various Top Tier Companies extending over diverse domains ranging from FMCG Products to Home Appliances to Franchising Brands, he has phenomenal expertise in the realm. He scaled the peak of his career when his in-depth knowledge in Franchising complimented by his innate Marketing & Sales skills lead him to emerging Partner in one of the Premier Franchise companies, shortly after embarking his career there. He is also Backed up by a strong knack in analyzing the Client Requirements and nurturing them adequately. As Managing Director, Mr. Yunus Basha forms an integral part in shaping the Policies and ensuring the smooth functioning at Trizilla Franchise.




Mrs. KALA PRABAKARAN, Empowered by a stupendous 25 Year Career that Spans over various domains, Mrs. Kala Prabakaran, Director of Trizilla Franchise is a woman who dons many feathers to her hat, including that of a Seasoned Entrepreneur, a Law Professional and an Admin who owns end-to-end expertise in Banking, Auditing and Income Tax Sectors, in all of which she holds experience for about a decade. A successful Entrepreneur in Franchising, A successful Entrepreneur she owns the Sri Venkateshwara Agencies, a successful Real Estate Company with branches all over Tamil Nadu and a Textile Showroom for about a decade. A Business Owner she is extremely proficient in Land Litigation, Land Clearance, and all the aspects pertaining to the Real Estate industry, Textiles and exhibits sound Management Skills. An Experienced admin for about a decade, she’s worked in one of the Top MNC’S IN in the country. Her sound expertise in Management and Entrepreneurship makes her an integral part of Trizilla Franchise.

Vision & Mission


To Expand our Brand all over India and Offer endless Business Opportunities to every Aspiring Entrepreneur across the Country.





• To Launch 200+ Entrepreneurs & 500+ Outlets across PAN India by 2022
• To serve the needs of our clients and expand their Brand across the Country
• Create a New Generation of Business Owners and help them Build a Scalable Business.