Adding Value to our Clients is our Primary Motive and in order to assure complete security over their hard-earned Money, we will be providing our clients a Post – Dated Check for the entire Tenure of the agreement, once the agreement is signed.

Investing your hard-earned Money can be a game of risk and in order to assure you of the safety and promise security over your investments, we will be providing you a Post-Dated Cheque for the entire tenure once the agreement is signed.

If your investments are not fetching you Returns that’s more than half the amount you invested, You’re simply not investing, you’re depositing! And we at Trizilla Franchise aim atdeveloping Models that addresses the needs of our clients, be it an Entrepreneur/Investor/ Partner and help them enliven their dreams through our many Business Opportunities and our timeless Services. We simply believe most of the Businesses/ Investments fail as they’re products of an unscalable Business Model and as experienced Franchisors, we are determined at developing unique Scalable Business Models to make each of our franchisees thrive under any given condition.

FICO is our exclusive investment Model that guarantees Returns, which is double the time the Investment made! Straightly Putting, Our Model of FICO features a single Type of Investment – A 10 Month Agreement for a Capital Amount of Rs 2 LAKH INR. The Investor can extend the agreement at the commencement of the year if desired to. During the Period, the Investor will be provided a monthly Return of Rs 7,000 for 10 months at the end of which the capital Amount will be returned to the Investor.

Our Investment plan is drafted with an intention of bestowing the Investor with the maximum Profit that he/she can receive from the Investment, given the Period of time. Secondly, trust and Genuity being the heart of the business, we go beyond the extra mile to assure that by Providing a Post-Dated Cheque for the entire tenure of the Agreement, once the agreement is made.


  •  Highest Returns for Lowest Investment
  •  Quicker ROI
  •  100% Trustworthy Services
  •  Business Opportunities Available for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  •  Guaranteed Returns by more than 70% of the Investment within 12Months